The BC OSI Clinic's mission is to provide the highest quality of assessment, treatment, and support services to its clients.

Step 1: Intake
Once the BC OSI Clinic receives a referral, the intake coordinator will review the referral for appropriateness and will ensure all documentation is complete.

The intake coordinator may call or meet with the client and/or the referral source for additional information including:

  •     The reason for the referral to the BC OSI Clinic from the client’s perspective;
  •     Brief history of professional service (i.e. deployments; military or policing service);
  •     Social support, past and present professional help;
  •     History of the client’s illness;
  •     Current main problems;
  •     Current stressors;
  •     Client’s expectations and client’s availability.

Once the referral is accepted, the Clinic will contact the client to make an appointment and a copy of the appointment letter will be sent to referral source.

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