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First Canadian Military and Veteran Health Research Forum Nov 16-17 2010
On November 16-17, 2010, Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s University hosted the first Canadian Military and Veteran Health Research Forum in Kingston, Ontario. This national forum was an important gathering of health professionals and researchers interested in military and Veteran health research, attracting more than 250 Canadian and international delegates. The primary objective of the forum was to engage and invigorate support for a Canadian national research agenda that considers military and Veteran health from a life-course perspective. To see the Forum’s agenda, go to: (English) (French) The Website for the Canadian Military and Veteran Health Research Forum is
Acupuncture used to treat troops with PTSD
Acupuncture is endorsed by many Western medicine practitioners as a treatment for physical pain, and now the therapy - along with other Eastern practices, including yoga, meditation and tai chi - is slowly making inroads in Western medicine as a treatment for mental pain. The military is leading the pack.
With PTSD, veterans want a fighting chance
Psychotherapist Edward Tick speaks on veterans and PTSD at a symposium...“We have broken the social contract with our veterans, ...
Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse
Book Review: This is a book focussing on an integrative treatment approach that's presented and developed specifically for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. Focus is on working toward discontinuing substance abuse, letting go of dangerous relationships, and gaining control over extreme symptoms such as dissociation and self-harm. The author, Lisa M. Najavits, PhD, is Director of the Trauma Research Program in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center at McLean Hospital and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
San Francisco clinic treats war stress in a new way
San Francisco Chronicle reports that..."Most people think of PTSD as flashbacks, or alcoholism. But we're just now learning it's affecting memory and ability to focus in school. .
Fighting to fight again
He says being deployed - the very cause of his PTSD - is its own sort of stress relief. "If I could be deployed again tomorrow, I would do it," he says. ...
Research says violent video games battle PTSD
One of the most common symptoms of PTSD among soldiers who've faced combat is nightmares, reliving the sheer terror of what they've experienced on the ...
PBS's 'This Emotional Life': Remembering the Psychological Impact of War
Huffington Post (blog): On September 11, 2001, our nation went to war -- first in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. Nearly nine years later the war rages on and the men, women and families in our military community continue to experience the consequences of this war. This Emotional Life is proud to support military families through a special campaign and toolkit to help families manage the emotional challenges of This Emotional Life is proud to support military families through a special campaign and toolkit to help families manage the emotional challenges of deployment.
Panel discusses post-traumatic stress
Sergeant Krause, who experienced PTSD after a tour in Iraq, discussed how she thought she would be able to cope after returning home...
Virtual Reality May Help Relieve PTSD
Exposure therapy using virtual reality appears to be more effective for alleviating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than traditional treatment among members of the military who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, according to researchers.
Soldiers with severe PTSD have trouble finding help Shawn Hearn, who served in Bosnia as a sniper in 1994, and those involved in helping soldiers with PTSD say changes to the treatment system need to be made Shawn Hearn, like many Canadian soldiers battling post-traumatic stress disorder, is having a tough time getting proper treatment back home after serving in a war zone. Hearn, who served in Bosnia as a sniper in 1994, and those involved in helping soldiers with PTSD say changes to the treatment system need to be made. And there's a lot on the line. Hearn recently attempted suicide and has been fighting hard to get the treatment he needs.
Sightings: Stars support PTSD awareness with flick
Washington Examiner: America Ferrera of "Ugly Betty" fame and Wilmer Valderrama of "That 70's Show" were in town Monday night for a screening of their new flick, "The Dry Land," a film that details one soldier's scary struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.
Soldiers & Suicide: A Warrior Poet's Nightmare
Veterans Today Network opinions page reports: Frankly, it is this aspect of coping, or not coping, with PTSD that concerns us at Veterans Today the most when we note that Psychiatrists and Psychologists (meaning well or not) tend to be focusing only on (1) active duty troops admitting PTSD, and (2) what it takes to prepare and send them back into combat as opposed to when they decide, or are forced, to become VETERANS.
Warrior Transition Units are making headway in helping soldiers
Seattle Times Editorial: The "invisible" injuries suffered by US soldiers of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury pose challenges as the federal government meets their needs. Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli says that the Warrior Transition Units are having much success in helping soldiers get needed longer-term care.
GI finds peace in competition
GI Porter, had never believed PTSD was real until he was diagnosed in November. Halfway through a tour of Afghanistan, he developed a cyst that had to be removed. While resting at home he realized he had a problem.
Military-Related PTSD Getting More Attention
The rise in military suicides has been a factor in the increased public attention regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the military's response to this serious mental health issue. On May 20th the Department of Defense Bloggers Roundtable had the opportunity to speak with a panel of active-duty and retired military personnel on the military’s current efforts.
PTSD and Genes: Legal Help for Veterans
PTSD is one of the toughest disabilites to prove to Veterans Affairs, we deal with veterans everyday with this terrible condition. Researchers at the University of Michigan recently issues their finding which supports a model for PTSD in which exposure to a traumatic event changes gene expression, which in turn, alters immune-system activity, leading to the disorder.
Time's 100 features psychologist who developed a specialized therapy to treat PTSD
This year's Time 100 features Israel's Prof. Edna Foa, a clinical psychologist who developed a specialized therapy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Foa's achievement on the weekly US magazine's prestigious annual list of the year's most influential people is particularly impressive as it is usually politicians and military or cultural figures who are chosen.
Israeli PTSD expert makes Time list
Edna Foa, a clinical psychologist who developed a specialized therapy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Foa's achievement on the weekly US ...
The true cost of the Afghan war in mental illness for our soldiers revealed
Figures exclusive to Wales On Sunday show that hundreds of troops are suffering with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other mental health issues ...
Afghanistan vets at risk for homelessness: experts say
Rob Brown, CTV news reports... As Canada prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan next year, veterans' advocates say they worry shell-shocked soldiers may end up without a home, like many of those who served before them.
Jab in the Neck Gives Immediate Relief from PTSD
TOPNEWS reports: According to new research from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, a vaccination which is inserted in the neck gives immediate relief of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. But more research is required before this procedure is deemed safe enough for extensive use.
Man's Best Friend Helps Heal War Wounds
WBUR: Boston reported: Unwanted and abandoned dogs fill shelters nationwide, and not many will get a second chance. But, in California there's a new organization that is saving one dog at a time and, in the process, helping those who have served. One of those people is Leif Meisinger, a combat veteran who still wears a military-style buzz cut. His arms are tapestries of colored ink, including a few tattoos he got in Iraq. He says getting Spyder was one of the best things that ever happened to him. He credits his canine companion with helping to ease his PTSD. The 40-year-old former Army gunner says he has a mild traumatic brain injury after a roadside bomb blast and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Note to Colleagues: Please Stop Saying PTSD is incurable
Huffington Post Editorial by a psychotherapist says: A recent Associated Press article by Sharon Cohen described posttraumatic stress as something you just have to learn to live with, because you can't recover from it. It's a terrific article, but Cohen was misled by the mental health professionals she talked to, as well as the warriors who received less than optimal treatment. You can recover from posttraumatic stress. Certainly, you can significantly reduce - not just manage - its symptoms. But - and here's the thing - not with traditional treatment. The problem is, a lot of my colleagues don't know this yet. So they go about it in traditional ways and pronounce the condition incurable, based on the results they get.
Ombudsman to look at trauma afflicting Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Toronto Sun: In the wake of the Sun's recent stories on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the police ranks, it has been learned that an investigator within the office of Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin has begun a hard review of the file submitted by Bruce Kruger, the retired OPP detective-inspector whose profile launched the series. “Our normal process starts with assessing a complaint to see if it involves something that can be quickly and informally resolved,” says ombudsman spokesman Linda Williamson. “We also look at whether the issue could be systemic, or symptomatic of a larger problem.
Ombudsman to look at trauma afflicting police
Toronto Sun: By MARK BONOKOSKI In the wake of the Sun's recent stories on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the police ranks, it has been learned ...
Can training soldiers to meditate combat PTSD?
Stanford School of Medicine's news Emotion, reports study findings that meditation exercises could boost mental toughness in soldiers and help them better cope with the trauma of war. The study involved 48 U.S. Marines preparing for deployment in Iraq. In the months prior to the soldiers' deployment, roughly two-thirds of the group was enrolled in an eight-week mindfulness training program. The rest of the troops did not participate in meditation exercises and served as a control group.
Brain injuries emerging as concern due to roadside bombings in Afghanistan
Edmonton Journal: The roadside bombs of Afghanistan are brutal and destructive, though the injuries they cause, both in brain and body, can be subtle. Such injuries may have profound, long-term health effects, though the Canadian Forces say it is too early to tell.
Returning soldiers are dealing with wounds we can't see
Minnesota Public Radio. Prior to my experience with Ryan, I thought post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was nothing more than convenient medical jargon used to label poorly ...
Treatment can help traumatic stress disorder
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs Web site, PTSD occurs in approximately 11-20 percent of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars ...
Treatment can help traumatic stress disorder
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs Web site, PTSD occurs in approximately 11-20 percent of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars ...
Corpsman turned to pot to deal with stress
Marine Corps Times. He hopes that publicly drawing attention to his use of marijuana to treat PTSD will change the law on how the Navy and Marine Corps handle service members ...
Costs soar for compensating veterans with mental disorders
Chicago Tribune. "When you look at the epidemic of PTSD, you see the future," said Harvard University's Linda Bilmes, co-author of the 2008 book "The Three Trillion Dollar ...
Revolving door of multiple tours linked to PTSD
Washington Post. By SHARON COHEN AP -- It wasn't his first tour in Iraq, but his second and third when Joe Callan began wondering how long his luck would last - how many ...
Campaign to save troops from prison
Express UK. Patrick Rea, of the charity PTSD Resolution, said: “The reason why many ... why we do not turn anyone away, regardless of their circumstances or addiction. ...
Inside post-traumatic stress disorder
Toronto Sun. PTSD is a physical injury that has psychological as well as physical characteristics. n Police and military people are vulnerable, but so are bank tellers, ...
Novel procedure takes shot at PTSD
Right now, the procedure, called stellate ganglion block, or SGB, isn't approved by the government for use for PTSD, but Lipov has treated a few people with ...
Officer down: The dark demons of policing
Toronto Sun. PTSD had not yet been defined as a diagnosis, let alone anything beyond burnout — the attitude being “suck it up, get over it, move on.” PTSD, by definition ...
For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash’s End
By Dawn Kairns, Author of MAGGIE: The Dog... [Blog] Under a bill written by Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, veterans with P.T.S.D. will get service dogs as part of a pilot program run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Training a psychiatric service dog and pairing it with ...
Review confirms PTSD, other syndromes in Gulf vets
Reuters news service: Studies confirm that Gulf War veterans suffer disproportionately from post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric illnesses as well as vague symptoms often classified as Gulf War Syndrome, a panel of experts reported. The Institute of Medicine panel said better studies are needed to characterize a clear pattern of distress and other symptoms among veterans of the conflicts in the Gulf region that started in 1990 and continue today.
Treat mental-health, addiction issues together: Report
Vancouver Sun. The CCSA says Canada needs a major reorganization of the delivery of mental-health care and addiction treatment that includes more research on concurrent ...
Veterans Administration Pulls Funding From Therapeutic Farm Training Program
Huffington Post (blog) In 2008 Carlos moved to Arizona where he worked as an apprentice electrician, but "the fast pace, loud noises and hot weather" made his PTSD symptoms worsen ...
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Presents Findings on Concurrent Disorders
VIPs to be present include MPs and representatives from the Mental Health Commission, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada and the Centre for ...
"Battle Body Relaxation Yoga": helps veterans heal physical, emotional wounds
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a heavy toll on military families. There’s a high rate of divorce, depression and substance abuse among people who’ve served. Some suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Doctors often treat PTSD with medication and psychotherapy. “Good evening, welcome to session seven of the Battle Body Relaxation Yoga Sessions.” That’s Andy Hendrickson, a registered nurse at the VA. He also leads yoga classes here a few nights a week.
Combat Vet Says Gender Bias Led To Untreated PTSD
According to recent VA statistics, PTSD and depression are the top disability claims among America's female veterans - many of whom served in Iraq and Afghanistan. But many of them have trouble proving that they saw combat - a key to getting treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Canadian Forces Steps Up Efforts to Fight Stigma of Mental Illness
The Epoch Times. All are former military personnel who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or another OSI resulting from military operations. such...
Help for Veterans: Professionals discuss jobs, training
Paul Fattig, Oregon Mail Tribune. A conference aimed at preparing professionals to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan readjust to civilian life has been scheduled for May 14 at Southern Oregon University.
Plaid MP: 'UK government needs to take holistic approach to PTSD sufferers'
Plaid’s Westminster leader Elfyn Llwyd MP has seized on comments made by Armed Forces minister Bill Rammell in today’s Western Mail on the levels of support available to sufferers of post-traumatic stress.
Pair aidant / Peer help
Social support makes all the difference Wilmington News Journal, OH. Compeer is a volunteer-based program that provides supportive friendships for people in mental-health care. One of nearly 100 chapters in the United States, ...
Stress-affected brain region is smaller in veterans with PTSD The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of 40 veterans - 20 with combat-related PTSD and 20 without - and found that the region ...
Adviser defends military
Belleville Intelligencer. A senior mental health adviser in the Canadian Forces defends the military's record in dealing with suicide in the wake of four suspected suicides among military personnel in recent weeks.
Portland Vet Center rewrites PTSD nightmares
By The Oregonian For 42 years, Terry Allen has had nightmares about his 13 months as a Marine in a helicopter assault unit in Vietnam. He came home, but his friends who didn't began to haunt him at night. In his dreams, he saw their disembodied heads
Scientists Identify New Approaches to Treating PTSD
AUSTIN, Texas — Drugs known as HDAC inhibitors may prove useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study conducted by faculty at The University of Texas at Austin's Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research.
Micronutrients: Revolution or false hope?
Montreal Gazette. But Health Canada, some doctors and some mental health experts have disagreed, warning against Stephan's micronutrient approach. ...
Study on Brain Processing May Lead to PTSD Treatment
Veterans Today Network. Medical researchers and veterans advocates eagerly await the findings of a University of Wisconsin-Madison study on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ...
Former Soldier to have his day in court over government disability payments By JANICE TIBBETTS
OTTAWA - Dennis Manuge, a former soldier who served in Bosnia before he was medically released from the military, gets his day in the Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday to fight a federal policy of clawing back disability payments to thousands of injured veterans.
New caucus to address vets' mental health By RICK MAZE
After a year in which more service members across the military committed suicide than were killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, four lawmakers have formed a congressional caucus to push for improvements in military and veterans mental health services.
UC Davis Medical Center to study drug therapy to minimize death and disability from traumatic brain injury
(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - A clinical trial of a new neuroprotective drug for people with traumatic brain injuries will be offered to patients seen in UC Davis Medical Center's level-1 trauma center, through an $8 million grant funded by the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program of the U.S. Department of Defense.
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