We provide education, treatment and support for partners, spouses and children of service members, Veterans or members of the RCMP with an OSI.
For Children

Do you feel like your mom or dad may need some support due to difficulties they may have experienced in their work as a soldier, RCMP, or peacekeeper?

Sometimes you can’t really tell what is wrong because nothing seems to have changed outside. It’s something on the inside that is different. Something you can’t see but it’s there anyway. They still love you but sometimes it’s hard for them to tell you that or give you hugs like they used to.

You can talk to someone at our clinic who can help you sort out your feelings

Sesame Family Workshop

Talk, Listen, Connect initiative by the Sesame Family Workshop based in the United States is an outreach program with significant resources for children and families experiencing the effects of deployments, multiple deployments or when a parent returns home due a combat related injury.

Talk, Listen, Connect www.sesamestreet.org/tlc

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