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OSI Clinics across Canada

Operational stress injury clinics (or OSI clinics) are outpatient clinics where individuals with operational stress injuries, and their families, can find comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment services under one roof. Funded by Veterans Affairs Canada, these clinics are staffed with fully trained teams of mental health care professionals who work closely together to provide specialized care.

Ste. Anne’s Hospital National Centre for Operational Stress Injuries is responsible for the development and oversight of the 9 clinics, which form a network across Canada:

Peer Support for Operational Stress Injuries:   Operational Stress Social Support (OSISS) Program: or 1-800-883-6094 
The OSISS Program provides confidential peer support and social support to CF members, Veterans and their families affected by operational stress injuries such as anxiety, depression or PTSD resulting from military service. The OSISS Program also provides peer support to families who have lost a loved one due to military service.

Peer & Family Support: Their first role is to listen. They have been there and they understand your situation, they will respect your privacy and your need for confidentiality. Only one person will know your name. The Peer Support and Family Peer Support Coordinators network across the country and know how to find you help to regain your health and wellness. They can put you in contact with community resources and specially designed OSI programs and services with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Canadian Forces. They also organize support groups.

How much they can help, and when, is up to you. Your Peer Support and Family Peer Support Coordinators network will listen, suggest new ideas, and leave the choices to you. They can assist you to regain control of your life.

Your BC Contacts for Peer and Family Support:

* Phil Quesnelle, Peer Support Coordinator, responsible for Southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley: 250-363-3057 or 604-666-2157 in Vancouver

* Zack Donovan, Peer Support Coordinator responsible for North Vancouver Island, the Interior and Northern BC: Telephone 250-702-1932

VA and  RCMP Support:

Veterans Affairs Canada Assistance Service: or 1-800-268-7708

Veterans Affairs Canada Mental Health Strategy

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)  or 1-613-993-7267

Royal Canadian Legion, BC/Yukon Division
National Defence and the Canadian Forces:

The Canadian Forces:

Health Authority:

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority:

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